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Are you a cat adventurer looking for...

  • a community of cats and humans from all over the world to support and encourage you
  • extra motivation to get out and do more with your cat
  • new cat enrichment ideas
  • ways to strengthen that bond between you and your cat
  • something to challenge you to push the boundaries of cat expectations

Take your relationship with your cat to the next level! You’ll find yourself right at home amongst your “tribe.”

You will find support and encouragement, share in each other’s victories and struggles, and be a part of the cat adventure revolution!

About KittyCatGO Trailblazers

What You Get:

This community is made up of members from all over the world, of all experience levels, and all ready to welcome YOU and share in your cat adventure journey.

Each month in Trailblazers, we kick things off with a community Zoom chat where we get to know each other better, share about our goals and struggles, share ideas, and encourage each other.

Throughout the month, members can choose to participate in that month’s adventure and enrichment “challenges” and even revisit the past month’s challenges. The goal of the challenges is to discover new activities, help further your cat’s training, provide your cat with more enrichment, and strengthen the bond you share.

Participants have the opportunity to earn badges for their accomplishments, such as the Training Champ, Cat Fish, Cooperative Care, and Active & Agile badges.

KittyCatGO Trailblazers Badge Examples

Earn Your Titles

NEW FEATURE: Trailblazers members will have the opportunity to work towards earning the following 4 titles:

  • Harness & Leash Pro
  • Cat-Friendly Locations Conqueror
  • Pathfinder
  • Cooperative Care Champion.

Once earned, participants will receive a customized photo with their cat and their virtual badge and a printable PDF certificate of completion. These titles are not tied to any particular month and can be earned at any time.

What others are saying:

"Joining this community has been great for both Kiki and me! Kiki has gained so many new forms of enrichment, and she seems happier for it. And as a busy graduate student who didn’t often feel motivation to do things outside of school work, this has really gotten me to do more things as well. Being a part of this community has improved both of our mental health!"

"Trailblazers is the supportive community of adventure cats (and their humans) we’ve been looking for! It’s so encouraging to know that there are people enriching their cats’ lives (indoors and outdoors) all over the world. We enjoy traveling with our cat, and it’s such a helpful resource to have quality information and connections like this from so many different places. Everyone is so caring and happy to share their experiences, and it’s nice to break free from the constraints of social media for a change."

"Joining this community was definitely a win for Jonathan, Fuchur and me. They are therapy cats, which is also a quite new field and so we are very happy to have found other people who believe in cats. Who believe cats can do more than stay at home. It is great to have someone to ask questions to, or to share experiences and achievements! And the challenges bring in the fun and motivation. Thank you for making us grow beyond us!"

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