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Are you a cat adventurer looking for...

  • ways to strengthen that bond between you and your cat
  • new cat enrichment ideas
  • encouragement and inspiration to explore the world together
  • a community of cats and humans from all over the globe to support and encourage you in your journeys

You’ll find all these things and more as you settle right at home amongst your “tribe” here in the Trailblazers community.Take your relationship with your cat to the next level! You’ll find yourself right at home amongst your “tribe.”

You will find support and encouragement, share in each other’s victories and struggles, and be a part of the cat adventure revolution!

About KittyCatGO Trailblazers

What You Get:

This community is made up of members from all over the world, of all experience levels, and all ready to welcome YOU and share in your cat adventure journey.

Unlock New Experiences

Each month, Trailblazers hosts a themed activity or “challenge,” carefully designed to provide you and your cat new enrichment opportunities and to help you reach your goals. From exploring cat-friendly destinations to mastering clicker training skills, embarking on scavenger hunts to acclimating your cat to water – you have a wide range of exciting adventures to choose from!

You also have the opportunity to earn badges for your accomplishments, such as the Training Champ, Conqueror, Cooperative Care, and Active & Agile badges.

Join a Supportive Community

In Trailblazers, you’ll be a part of a caring and understanding community of like-minded cat owners. Say goodbye to judgmental social media platforms! Here, you can share your triumphs and challenges, knowing you’ll receive the encouragement and guidance you need. Our community values the uniqueness of each cat and owner, celebrating every step of the journey together.

Connect Face-to-Face

Twice a month, we come together for live Zoom chats, where you get the chance to meet fellow members, share experiences, and gain insights from one another. These interactive sessions strengthen the sense of camaraderie within the group, making you feel right at home.

Earn Your Titles

Embark on a path of achievement by earning official KittyCatGO Titles! Challenge yourself and your cat to complete a set list of tasks, each designed to expand your training, push your boundaries, and create unforgettable moments. Whether it’s the Pathfinder Title, logging 25 miles of hiking or walking together, or the Cat-Friendly Locations Conqueror, visiting as many places as possible, these Titles are a testament to your dedication and bond.

Why Join Trailblazers:

  • Expert Guidance: This community is run and organized by a certified cat trainer who specializes in travel and adventure with cats.
  • Bond Like Never Before: Strengthen the connection with your feline friend through shared experiences and exploration.
  • Enrich Your Cat’s Life: Provide your cat with the mental and physical stimulation they crave, unlocking their full potential.
  • Supportive Community: Join a judgment-free zone where you’ll find friends who share your passion for adventure and adore their cats as much as you do.

What Trailblazers are saying:

"Joining this community has been great for both Kiki and me! Kiki has gained so many new forms of enrichment, and she seems happier for it. And as a busy graduate student who didn’t often feel motivation to do things outside of school work, this has really gotten me to do more things as well. Being a part of this community has improved both of our mental health!"

"Trailblazers is the supportive community of adventure cats (and their humans) we’ve been looking for! It’s so encouraging to know that there are people enriching their cats’ lives (indoors and outdoors) all over the world. We enjoy traveling with our cat, and it’s such a helpful resource to have quality information and connections like this from so many different places. Everyone is so caring and happy to share their experiences, and it’s nice to break free from the constraints of social media for a change."

"Joining this community was definitely a win for Jonathan, Fuchur and me. They are therapy cats, which is also a quite new field and soe are very happy to have found other people who believe in cats. Who believe cats can do more than stay at home. It is great to have someone to ask questions to, or to share experiences and achievements! And the challenges bring in the fun and motivation. Thank you for making us grow beyond us!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my cat is just starting out with their harness and leash training?

That’s okay! There are adventurers of all experience levels here in Trailblazers. The group activities are designed in such a way that there is something for everyone, no matter where you are in your journey.

How will the community support me in my adventure journey?

Members are welcome and encouraged to ask questions anytime and to share about any cat-related struggles they are having, The community is always there to offer encouragement, insights, and advice based on their own experiences. We have group discussions on various topics, and there is even a whole section of the group dedicated to asking and looking for recommendations on topics such as training, gear, etc.

The monthly activities will give you new ideas of things to try with your cat and offer a bit of extra motivation to reach your goals. They are also usually designed to give your cat a new form of enrichment and to help them progress with a specific area of their training.

The group is run and organized by a certified cat trainer who specializes in traveling and adventuring with cats, so you’ll have direct access to be able to get help along your journey whenever you need it.

And of course, everyone is there to cheer you on every step of the way.

What types of activities or challenges are included each month?

The activity/challenge theme changes every month. Some examples of past activities include:
Scavenger Hunts
Clicker Training
Cooperative Care Skills
Cat Agility
Acclimating to Water
Box Fort Building

No matter the theme, there are activities that take place both outdoors and indoors so there is something for everyone to participate with, even if they’re not quite ready for outdoor adventures yet.

Can I participate in the activities at my own pace?

Absolutely! There are a wide range of experience levels represented, not to mention the various schedules everyone has in their own lives, so it is understood that everyone will participate in their own time. There are no expectations or requirements for participation or rate of progress.

Though the monthly activity/challenge theme may change each month, you are more than welcome to take however long you want to work on your chosen activities or even go back to past month’s activities to revisit. The resources and activities are there for you whenever and however you’d like to participate.

What if I’m not interested in the designated month’s activities?

No worries! You are able to participate in any of the other past activities at any time, so if one month doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of other things you can do instead. The Zoom chats are fun to attend even if you aren’t participating in this month’s activities, and the community is ALWAYS there for support, encouragement, and discussion.

What are the benefits of earning Titles, and how do they work?

There are currently 4 titles available: Harness & Leash Pro, Pathfinder, Cooperative Care Champion, and Cat-Friendly Locations Conqueror. Each one is designed to help you and your cat work on specific skills related to training, adventuring, and general cat care. Once you’ve completed the required tasks to earn a title, you and your cat will have made significant progress in your training and further strengthened the bond you share.

Each Title has a list of required tasks to complete. As you complete them, you can share about them in the group and submit the required “proof” at the end. Once a Title has been earned, you will receive a personalized badge photo as well as a printable PDF certificate.

Is Trailblazers open to cats and cat owners from anywhere in the world?

Absolutely! There are members from all parts of the world.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes! You are able to easily cancel your membership whenever you’d like – no hard feelings, no questions asked.

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