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About Us

Here at KittyCatGO, we aim to educate, encourage, and help others to have successful cat adventures.

We believe that enriching your cat’s life with adventure, big or small, will help to give your cat a more fulfilled life. Letting your cat experience the sights, smells, and sounds of the outside world (while harnessed and leashed, of course) brings joy and excitement to their life they can’t otherwise experience. Sharing a special activity like adventuring together will grow trust, and trust breeds a stronger bond. And don’t we all want a stronger bond with our kitties?

Each month, we will provide an activity theme or challenge for group members to complete together. At the end of each quarter, we will have a bigger "Adventure Challenge" with 50+ tasks to choose from. 

Why You Should Join Us

There's nothing quite like building and strengthening that bond with your cat by trying new things, going new places, and doing more together. 

If you're looking for that extra push to get out there with your cat or you're just looking for new enrichment and adventure activity ideas, this is the place for you!

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for being a member of KittyCatGO Trailblazers! You are helping to further the progress of traveling and adventuring cats!

As adventuring with cats grows in popularity, more people will realize that cats CAN and DO love adventuring outside, and they will begin to raise their cats differently. Harness and leash-training will be the norm, and cats’ lifestyles will include time outdoors in a controlled way. Cats will be included in family travels and vacations rather than being left at home, and more businesses will become cat-friendly.

Thank you for being a part of the revolution!

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